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It's a Patented Technology

Earth Retaining Solution - Georet and Graviloft Technology. Check out our options and features included.

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Patented Technology

If you want your construction to be unique from all, you are at the right doors. Graviloft Retaining Wall Technology is an innovative design and construction methodology and is under intellectual property rights (Co-Inventor and Co-Owner).

GEORET- An Innovative Solution

"Georet" is an advancement of construction friendly design solution & an outcome of our indigenous efforts towards earth retention solutions. The concept caters the market needs and is the eco-friendly solution to save natural & national resources at large.

Cost Effective

The advancement in the field is primarily measured in terms of cost effectiveness. Our Innovative Technology saves minimum 25 to 35 % of the project cost compared to conventional retaining solutions.

Time Saving

In developing countries apart from cost effectiveness the next most important parameter of consideration is TIME. The simplicity and easiness of this Innovative Technology is minimum 2 to 3 times faster as compared to conventional retaining wall solutions.

50 Years warranty

To enjoy the cost effectiveness & time saving of this Innovative Technology, the overall safety of structure is of high importance. To shoulder the confidence we are ensuring 50 years of design & built warranty of structure and accordingly issuing warranty certificate.

Turnkey Solution

We carry out the detailed engineering of project and provide most cost effective & time saving solution. Our techno-savvy proposal itself is main feature of this Innovative Technology.

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Our Company is a well established group of highly qualified engineers, marketing personnel, project managers, etc with an experience of more than 18 years as a team.

We're not the only ones excited about Graviloft Technology of Retaining Wall...

50+ customers in country use Graviloft Technology of Retaining Wall.