The type of retaining wall which we design and construct is a unique combination of RCC retaining wall and Gravity retaining wall. The name of our product is Graviloft Retaining Wall or Graviloft Technology.

If a client selects our company for the design and/or construction of the project, we will be helping them through many, if not all, of the stages of design, budgeting, material selections, landscape planning, architectural review, site preparation and construction. We will be answering their questions all through these processes, aiding them in decisions, and doing our utmost to eliminate any and all concerns. If the client is normally present in the local area, this is usually accomplished through personal meetings either in the office or at the job site. We serve our clients best by hiring and fostering the most talented people available, and we work hard to affect personalized service between our clients and our various specialists.

• Identifying our clients’ needs in a forthright, objective manner.

• Encouraging the use of state of the art, innovative design, engineering solutions where such solutions are in our clients’ best interests.

• Providing high quality, professional design/construction services to our clients at competitive prices.

• Exceeding our clients’ expectations through attention to detail and treating every project as if it were our own.

• Fostering a work environment for our employees and sub-contractors which engender pride, and commitment.

We provide a 50 years warranty assurance certificate to our clients.

Savi Infrastructure is responsive to what client needs, creative in our solutions, and cost effective in our execution (up to 30 %) as compared to conventional retaining wall.We have a patented design concept (under Intellectual Property Rights) which our clients have found most innovative way to design a retaining wall from past 15 years.

Savi Infrastructure is notable in construction activity of a Retaining Wall.