‘Innovative and revolutionary earth retention technologies’ 


At a time, when technologies & economics are redrawing the geographical boundaries worldwide & the world is transforming into a global village, it becomes imperative for India to be a part of this restructuring process.

Since ancient times, India’s rich natural heritage has drawn nations to it from far and near. However, with changing times and emerging patterns, we have to continuously build and consolidate on our strengths to ensure our rightful place in the emerging global order. This calls for sustained infrastructural development towards nation building.

Savi Group has incorporated to facilitate this process through the application of innovative concepts and indigenous methods. Our objective is to provide speedy yet safe and economical solution in designing and construction. This, in turn, curtails waste and channelizes the resources to proper use.
As the first step we selected the ‘retaining structures’ for improvisation, as it is an indispensable feature of civil construction projects.
On a reasonable estimate, the nation could be sinking thousands of crores of rupees in projects involving retaining structure. Hitherto, these structures are designed and constructed by adopting any of these types:

After careful study, our team of specialist engineers noticed that methods caused losses to the tune of 20 to 35% in terms of time, energy and money. It was also observed that this loss of precious resources could be avoided. Georet & Graviloft technologies were thus conceived and born. It overcomes these drawbacks resulting in savings up to 20-35% without sacrificing on safety.

Inspired to Aspire “The ultimate test of a man's conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.”- Gaylord Nelson

Georet and Graviloft Retaining Wall – The way ahead

The Georet and Graviloft technologies practiced and perfected by our team is essentially a combination of Gravity Wall and R.C.C. Wall concepts effected by the provision of a relief shelf/shelves. The overall provision minimizes the design load as the stability of the wall is then governed by its self-weight, retention/stacking on the loft and the friction developed at the interface of the relief shelf/shelves.


  • Backed by vigorous physical laws and time tested experiments
  • 20% to 35% savings in cost
  • Safety standards not-compromised
  • No new materials recommended
  • Reduced foundation width and lessened excavation
  • Light structure and uniform pressure distribution
  • No skilled labour required
  • Time saving due to speedy construction
  • No special shuttering required
  • Minimum supervision required