Savi Infrastructures & Properties Pvt. Ltd.

Savi Infrastructures & Properties Pvt. Ltd. is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Company under the parent Savi Group. This division undertake the turnkey projects procured by Savi Group under its innovative potentials. Savi Infra is now a leader in the construction of retaining wall with its innovative technologies successfully implemented in various sectors. A total of around 30 Km of walls have been constructed till now by using innovative Georet & Graviloft technologies with the height of wall up to15m.

We have constructed bunglows, high end villas and row houses for various prestigious clients in Lonavala and multi-storey residential building in Pune. We have built a deep rooted trust with our clients that they keep coming back to us. Various projects of single client signify the quality of services Savi unfolds.